Monday, July 15, 2013

Shooting from the exercise in creativity.

I love taking pictures of people in public places. I truly think that this is what photography is all about as people make the story, and I love a good story. Admit it..people are cool, wild, nutso, and often make you go "hmmm...". However, I am a chicken and I do not feel comfortable taking pictures of strangers. Actually, that is an understatement. I have absolutely NO confidence in this area, and I expect every person that catches me snapping a picture of them to rip my camera out of my hands and call the cops while cornering me so that I cannot run away. In reality, I am sure 60% of the people do not even notice me or my camera and another 30% probably would probably gladly pose for a photo (I would)..the other 10%? well, they are the scary
So for now I will compromise and experiment by taking pictures from my hip. This is not easy, and I have not mastered this technique by any means. Actually, I am quite proficient at taking boobs, butts, elbows, shoes, skies, gravel.....but, this is part of the fun. Cool angles, candids, and interesting lighting. Thank goodness for digital cameras and the "delete" button. Do I not say that at least 30 times a day?
So, here are some "hip" photos from my Sunday play day...I thought there were some stories here:
This is the guy packing up his truck from a week of vending. They had A LOT of stuff to pack, and they started early. I love his look, and I love the orange tones in the photo:

Letters, letters, letters, numbers and letters...all types..brass, metal, large, small...fascinating..I wanted to buy a "1992" set to put on our house. Hey, some day that date may be impressive!
This woman sat FOREVER pondering over this purchase, or perhaps she was just taking a trip down Memory Lane. Wonder if she finally bought it?
This was an area filled with old leather couches and chairs and heavy metal piped in on the speakers. This particular chair called to him.
and finally...well said..."don't take life so seriously". GREAT advice.